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Every day we encounter situations where we need a product that will help us accomplish a task with ease. Sometimes, we don’t always have a solution. Thankfully, Viatek Consumer Products has designed and developed a variety of products that ease some of the stress and frustration we experience day to day. Viatek Products are developed and manufactured after careful, detailed market research. Such factorsinclude: need, availability, and cost-effectiveness. Each product that Viatek designs and develops is for the sole purpose of providing customer satisfaction. “If the customer is happy, we are happy.” Viatek Consumer Products stands behind its strong desire to uphold customer service and customer retention long after the initial purchase has been made.

A testament of Viatek’s ability to manufacture time-saving products, is the launch of the revolutionary product known worldwide as ‘Hurricane Spin Mop’. Since many of us dread the task of cleaning, mastermind of Viatek Products, Mr. Lou Lentine decided to invent a tool that would clean the home with ease. With his team of engineers and dedicated fellow workers, he designed, developed, and crafted the mopping system that is called “Hurricane Spin Mop”. This marvelous tool does not require harsh detergents and reaches under tables, behind toilets, in closet corners, and around cabinets with no problem! Thousands of microfiber strands attract dirt, grime, and liquids without annoying drips or leaks.

Hurricane Spin Mop is unlike any mop on the market. This innovative mop cleans and dries floors in half the time! Due to its superb quality of cleaning and durability, top multi-national department stores now carry the Hurricane Spin Mop on their shelves. Some of the well-known giants include Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target and many others. Hurricane Spin Mop is also the top ASOTV seller at the moment, and has been demonstrated on HSN by Mr. Lou Lentine. Internationally, it is available in more than thirty countries around the world. Its popularity and growth in sales is gaining momentum daily.

Consumer products that can be used daily, need to be strong, durable, and not susceptible to wear and tear. They should also be made of good quality and affordable to consumers. At Viatek, we design products that possess those qualities. Due to strict quality control and state-of-the-art machines, VPs are coined as some of the best consumer products fit for daily use. Their popularity continues to increase and are recognized worldwide.

Viatek Consumer Products are available online, 24 hours a day. All product inquiries are answered immediately by customer care personnel. International offices are maintained in United Kingdom, Germany, Shenzhen China, Hong Kong, Mexico and homeland United States. Viatek Products are also available on selected well- reputed retail outlets, all over the world. Without a doubt, the worldly accepted Viatek Products are one of the best daily use consumer’s items.

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